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Have you been dreaming of an occupation switch to a higher paid role with enhanced job security and the potential for further career scaling success? Well then you're in the right place at software testing school. As a society, our relationship with technology has now matured to the point where our smartphones, computers and other devices are virtual extensions of our own brilliant minds. We are increasingly reliant on technology to perform many tasks, from simple daily activities to complex problem solving. The software we require for this multitude of purposes, needs to be highly functional, error free, intuitive and futuristic. This is the role of software quality assurance, a vital and collaborative set of QA processes undertaken during the software development cycle. QA engineering is performed by software QA testers, and in today's tech world, a software QA tester is a sought after and highly paid role. 
In fact, with the software testing industry experiencing a compound annual growth rate of more than 6% from now till 2030, it will be worth an estimated USD 70 billion by the decade's end. Now is an especially lucrative time to transition to a role as a quality assurance tester, as many organizations report training and hiring QA professionals to be one of their major hurdles in successful QA implementation. With select entry level QA tester roles offering salaries of more than $100,000, our SDET manual QA and automation testing course condenses everything you need to know to become a certified QA into just months.

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QA bootcamp QA tester bootcamp is designed as the beginner quality assurance training that gets you job ready in just months. You don't require any prior experience in software quality assurance or computer programming in order to take our QA tester courses. With a curriculum that's been carefully curated by our industry experienced software tester educational tutors, it's a unique format that condenses years of QA process learning into a few months. The advantages of the approach to QA tester training are clear, our company will have you certified as a QA tester after just one program, we'll also assist you in your job placement and in securing your first QA position. Attend one of our free webinars where you can meet our dedicated teaching team, have QA explained to you in beginner's terms, and learn about the benefits of

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What is quality assurance

Quality assurance is an exciting, dynamic and essential role in the development of quality software. It's an opportunity to work as part of an agile team and to write and perform rigorous tests that will ensure a product to market that is as robust, fluent and bug free as possible. If you're interested in pursuing QA but are as yet uncertain that a role as a software tester is for you, offers a 14 day money back guarantee to help you with your decision. You can enroll in our quality assurance classes and let experience be your guide. If within the first two weeks you decide it isn't for you, will refund your investment, no questions asked. It's a part of the school's commitment towards helping people achieve their QA software engineering dreams. We know passion gets the best results, and while we're adamant that you don't need prior experience in the area to succeed in our QA tester course, those who apply effort and have a drive to further their learning and earning capacity, will benefit the most.

What does QA stand for

What does QA stand for? At, studying QA means learning these essential industry tools, skills and practices:
  • SDLC and STLC - practice, roles, responsibilities, methodologies, software
  • Test Documentation - write test cases, checklists, test plans, mind maps, defects, wiki pages
  • Types of Testing - and how you perform them on a real project
  • Modern Application Architecture - layers, CDN, Cache, HTTP protocol
  • Web Applications - HTML, CSS, browser development tools
  • Mobile Applications - Android, iOS, tools
  • Builds - CI server, pipelines, version control, environments
  • Databases - SQLNoSQL, ETL testing, tools, practice
  • API Testing - Analytics, Traffic sniffing, tools, practice
  • Test Automation - Selenium Webdriver, JavaScript, Cucumber
  • Write Smoke and Regression suites with your team and execute them in different browsers
  • Automate Smoke suite for a real project!
  • QA Interview - resume prep, interview questions and answers, interview process, mock interview with mentors
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All about QA&

QA processes

If you elect for the full SDET course option, the learning doesn't stop at the fundamentals. The second part of the program, which runs for two and a half months, consist of 40 lessons directed towards automation testing. Here's what you'll cover in the automation component of our immersive program:

Java Core (4 weeks)
  • Hello, World! - initial setup of the environment and a console application
  • Java Core - variables, primitive types, arrays, conditionals operators and loops
  • Java Core - methods, string operations, classes, constructors, properties
  • Java Core - enums, access modifiers, exceptions, try / catch
  • Object Oriented Programming - inheritance, interfaces, polymorphism, keywords
  • Collections API - list, set, map, iterator, Stream API
  • Version Control (GIT) - code reviews, branching strategies, resolving conflicts, tools
  • A lot of Practice on real projects and Interview preparation

Selenium WebDriver (6 weeks)
  • Introduction to Test Automation with Selenium WebDriver - what and why automate?
  • Testing Framework - build tools, dependencies, test runners, assertions, fixtures, data providers, parallel execution
  • Locators - types, best practices, tools, practice
  • Web Elements - basic methods, dropdowns, radio buttons / checkboxes, alerts, lists
  • Synchronization - Implicit / Explicit / Fluent Waits. practice, interview questions
  • Advanced Techniques - actions, multiple windows, frames, JavaScript executor, table grids, cookies, window size
  • Selenium Grid - desired capabilities, remote webdriver, hub / node, cloud services
  • Page Object Design Pattern - page factory, definition, annotations and constructors
  • BDD with Cucumber - pros / cons, steps, features, test runner, parameterization
  • Exercises / Algorithms - sorting, Fibonacci, FuzzBuzz, palindrome, prime numbers etc
  • BONUS - Mobile Test Automation Basics: installation, configuration, elements
  • Automate Regression for a real project!

QA tester training

The full SDET course option is the recommended pathway into QA software engineering for students wanting to aim for higher paid roles in QA and a greater depth of learning in the area. The full SDET course option is offered over four months. The first 20 lessons relate to manual testing and the next 40 lessons to automation. Classes are scheduled to run on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays, at 10 p.m. New York Time. Each session is between 45 and 75 minutes in duration. chose an online format for course delivery in order to make our program a flexible option for those who either can't attend at the specified class times, or who reside outside of the United States in a conflicting time zone. All classes are recorded and accessible to students online at any time for viewing and reviewing purposes. Consequently, is available to a global student population, with the flexibility for self-paced study that works with your life and work commitments rather than against them. 

QA testing course online has established longstanding relationships with several large corporations who undertake quality assurance processes on a commercial level. As part of our training for QA tester courses, all students get the opportunity to participate in a real world project, gaining valuable insight into how the industry functions and what will be expected of them in a professional capacity. It's a learn by doing approach that we feel is invaluable in assisting students to transition from theory to practice, from meanings to methodologies. As the software testing sector is constantly in revision, with programming languages being worked upon and new ones emerging, project experience enables our students to stay up-to-date on the latest tools in use. The integration of work experience into our teaching programs adds value to graduate resumes by demonstrating to hiring tech firms that students have had some real-to-life experience working in QA. It also helps to strengthen the so called soft skills associated with successful QA employees, including creativity, cooperative abilities and adaptability.

Quality assurance training courses is the only United States QA trainings education provider that is recognized by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board. The ISTQB is the international body responsible for developing and overseeing foundational level software testing standards. Hiring technology companies will often consult with the ISTQB Successful Candidate Register or the U.S. List of Certified Testers to confirm that a job candidate has been schooled in the appropriate tools and practices at an internationally accepted standard. As firm proponents of practicing what we preach, tutors are majority ISTQB certified themselves. It's one of the ways we ensure that our course content remains relevant to today's practices, with updates to the curriculum made as required. Upon successful course completion, our graduates receive a certificate and the ongoing support of school staff during their job interview and recruitment process.

QA training and placement

At we understand why you want to learn QA, we know you're interested in a career worthy top paying role in the field, and we want that for you too. Our software tester bootcamp is unparalleled in its focus towards getting our graduates their dream QA roles. By combining QA training and placement together into the one program, offers a more complete and cost-effective solution to making the career swap to QA. With carefully constructed course content that integrates resume-enhancing real-world project experience and confidence boosting interview preparation, it's little surprise that the majority of our students are offered jobs in QA within several months of graduation.

Software testing school quality assurance training emphasizes the role of mentorship in assisting our students to achieve to their greatest potential. We know that people learn at different speeds, and may encounter comprehension issues with certain lessons and not with others. A valuable feature of our software test QA programs is the tutelage our teaching staff provide to students on an individual basis. If there's ever a concept on which you require clarification or a practice you don't quite understand, you can arrange for a one-on-one session with a program facilitator.

Courses for QA testing

Not all software testing bootcamps are created equal, and it's imperative that you do your homework when you search QA courses near me. Does the provider you're considering offer courses for QA testing that are entirely online. If not, are you situated near enough to their campus to make it work. Does the time scheduling of their classes suit your current timetable, or might you have to defer some of your paid work or travel long distances in order to attend their program. As an exclusively online based educator, relieves you of any of these potential timely and costly burdens. It's also crucial to investigate the quality of learning being provided, what credentials and experience does the school and their teachers have in writing and delivering software QA engineering courses. What level of individual support and tutoring do they provide to augment your study, and finally, how will they help your transition to paid employment following course completion. 

QA tester courses has sent graduates direct into roles at some of the top tech corporates following course completion. Previous students of have been recruited to work at Google, Amazon, Facebook, General Electric, ATT, Chase, Walt Disney, Bank of America, ABC Televisions and PlayStation. We're also always happy to keep some of our best achievers in-house, and advertise all available job occupancies online.

QA testing types

Manual testing and QA automation are the two different QA testing types involved in the development process, with both retaining relevance in today's testing environment. offers students the flexibility of undertaking a shorter program in QA engineering that focuses on manual QA alone, or of enrolling in our full SDET course option which covers both manual and automation. Choosing the full SDET course option will increase your employability across the sector as well as enhancing your earnings capacity. On average manual QA jobs fall within the $60,000 to $90,000 range, while automation roles will net you between $90,000 and $120,000. Once you've has some career experience in the field, your salary potential will rise even further.

Software testing training

At, ensuring our QA testing bootcamp and full SDET course option are accessible to a demographic is key to our company mission to provide quality vocational training at an affordable rate. We're currently offering a substantial 20% discount off the cost of our programs. We also encourage anyone with limited financial means to contact the school directly to discuss funding options. We're happy to defer payments or to schedule an installment plan, our team are always on hand and willing to do whatever it takes to get you started on the path to QA career success today.

QA courses online

Having a wealth of experience working within the software testing industry, course coordinators know first hand what hiring companies are looking for in their new recruits. Traditional university degrees, many taking years of study and costing thousands of dollars, have been replaced by shorter form intensive learning programs, known as bootcamps. The advantages of a bootcamp are endless: they get you into the job market sooner, they can be studied in conjunction with ongoing paid employment, they deliver all the skills that industry hirers are asking for, and don't waste time on any that they aren't. 

Testing bootcamp and quality assurance courses online

Aside from our innovative work experience component, there's another key way in which all programs get your into paid employment sooner. We've added an entire module on interview skills and preparation into every course. Our skilled tutors will walk you through the interview process, teaching you what kind of questions to expect and how best to frame your responses. We'll set up mock interviews for you to rehearse your skills and build your confidence.

Software testing courses near me, QA training online

A recap on how outperforms as the best software tester training on the market:
  • Intensive study programs designed for maximum educational value in a shorter time period
  • Flexible payment options
  • 20% discount off course investment
  • Demonstrated job facilitating programs
  • Highly regarded within the software development industry
  • ISTQB endorsed education provider
  • Staffed by dedicated tutors who are experienced industry professionals

So, what are you waiting for?

Just a few months of your time and effort, and will have you swapping out your old career for a fresh, energizing and promising start in QA

QA school, QA training near me, QA tester bootcamp FAQs

I'm looking for QA classes near me that I can take outside of regular work hours, is suitable?

Absolutely, our programs run weekday classes in a 10 pm New York time slot, but as all of our lessons are recorded you can in fact access them whenever is most suitable. Our courses offer all the support of a traditional learning institution with the flexibility of self-paced study options.

I'm interested in exploring a career change to QA but I don't have any software experience, can I study at

Yes you can. Our courses are designed with the beginner in mind and structured in a way that makes learning about QA accessible to all. Why not attend one of free webinars for a chance to meet the team and get a quality assurance definition straight from the experts. 

I'm thinking of studying QA at, but wonder if I should bother learning about manual QA, won't it be redundant in a few years time?

Most likely not. While it's true to say that automation testing is on the rise, there are still plenty of situations in which manual testing is still a superior choice, most notably because no software can accurately replicate the function of the human eye or a person's ability to feel, intuit and problem solve. At we recommend a well-rounded approach that teaches both manual QA and automation.

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